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SportsGrub Makes My Life Easier!
Eric Hagarty
Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse/Athletic Admissions Coordinator at Endicott College

Set Up Fall Season Meals For Home & Away Games With SportsGrub:

Getting ready for the fall season? We can help. SportsGrub provides delicious, healthy meals, that are individually packaged and delivered to your location in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Our goal is to combine an easy-to-use ordering system for your student athletes, with great meals backed by sports nutrition. We can help your team prep to win throughout the fall season. Whether you are managing a soccer team or you need meals for all-day events like swim meets, our team can help.

If you are ready to set up a meal delivery for this season, fill out our form or give us a call to get started.

Bring Some Home-Field Advantage On The Road!

One of the hardest parts of an away game? Getting food on the road. With SportsGrub your team can order their favorite meals for the road, and we will deliver it to your bus before you get going. One less thing to worry about for the away games, and students can eat healthy and delicious food on the way to their game. Interested in setting up an event with SportsGrub? Give us a call! 

Meal Delivery Service For Sports Teams in Massachusetts

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Tell Your Director About SportsGrub:

Over the summer we had the privilege to work with some great sports camps and help feed a lot of student-athletes. At SportsGrub we hope we make a lasting impact with our healthy, individually-packaged meals. If you are a student or a parent who recently tried SportsGrub for the first time this summer and enjoyed our meals, we would appreciate it if you could tell your school’s athletic department about us. If your school team signs up with us we will provide 5% off your team’s first order. 

Individually Packaged Meals For Your Safety

At SportsGrub, we are dedicated to your team’s health. Whether that is by providing delicious and nutritious food designed to promote healthy eating, or by making sure that all federal & state COVID protocols are met during the delivery process. We provide individually packaged meals as well as a contactless delivery. For SportsGrub, we are so excited to see the return of sports. Which is why we take extra care in taking precautions recommended by the CDC. We understand that every school and club is approaching this season differently, and we want to assure you that we will do our part to meet your team’s needs when it comes to safety protocols. Even while school was out, we were making, packaging, and delivering meals to various athletic camps. 

Don’t just play to win, plan to win

How It Works

SportsGrub™ makes planning pre and post game meals simple, convenient and nutritious. Select from our signature meals and performance snacks.

Plan food first.
Performance second.

SportsGrub™ makes planning pre and post game meals simple, convenient and nutritious. Select from our signature meals and performance snacks.

Our clients include:

High schools
Prep schools
Club teams
Athletic centers
Community centers
Race events

Serious athletes need the body and mind well fueled if they expect to win on the field and in the classroom. Plan for it.