SportsGrub’s Dedication to Safely Delivered Meals

This season is going to be a very unique one. On the one hand, there has been some relaxation of COVID-19 protocols in Massachusetts after the vaccine distribution began in late 2020 and early 2021. On the other hand, the rise in cases caused by the Delta Variant has worried many individuals that we could see reimplementation of those protocols. As we approach the school year, we want parents and athletic directors to understand what SportsGrub is (and has been) doing to ensure safety for all of our clients.

From the beginning, SportsGrub has always been about providing healthy meals to student-athletes. That was primarily through creating a menu based on nutrition. However, as the pandemic began we shifted our focus to not just healthy food, but also ensuring that we meet and surpass all of the health standards and protocols. Throughout the summer, we delivered hundreds of meals to various athletic camps hosted throughout New England. Here is how we are promoting safety as we enter the school year.

Individually Packaged Meals From SportsGrub

The first and most important element of our meals is how they are prepared and packaged. All of our SportsGrub meals are made at our kitchen which follows all of the standard state and federal guidelines for sanitization, as well as the new guidelines that were implemented based on CDC recommendations in 2020. Additionally, each meal is individually packaged ensuring that it is safe throughout the delivery process. We were using this system prior to the pandemic and continued it as we began serving summer meals in 2021 for sports camps throughout the area.

Contact Free Delivery from SportsGrub

Another thing we have been implementing is contact-free delivery. Because our meals are individually packaged and then placed in boxes, we can leave the boxes with your team for you to open and distribute accordingly. As many delivery services and dining services have done, we have utilized this system in accordance with research provided by the CDC to help prevent the spread of viruses. We have implemented contact-free delivery while delivering large meal orders to sports camps in New England. We intend to continue using contact-free delivery until we reach a point where the CDC and federal/state government are no longer recommending it.

Order SportsGrub For Your Team

If you would like to know more about SportsGrub meal delivery service for athletic teams, please contact us. We would be happy to answer questions, provide prices, and help you get your first event set up with our team.


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