Why SportsGrub Is The Perfect Choice For This School Season

Traditionally there have always been a few options for feeding a team of student-athletes. For some teams, parents take turns providing handmade meals. For others, they might stop by a local restaurant on the way to the game. But this season, finding meals has many added factors. For many schools, you need a meal solution that is compliant with CDC guidelines. That is where SportsGrub can help, we provide individually packaged meals, and contactless delivery services for student teams throughout the season. Learn more about how SportsGrub can benefit your team or contact us for more information

Contactless Delivery Services

SportsGrub is committed to providing a safe meal option for every school team. Our meals are made in a kitchen that follows all state, federal, and CDC recommended guidelines. Meals are individually packaged and delivered to you on-site. We provide full contactless delivery services as well. Our meal kits are designed with your students’ health in mind. From nutritious meals that balance flavor with essential nutrients to making sure that we follow all the guidelines set by local districts and leagues. We want our local teams to be able to get out there and enjoy a season, which is why we are committed to providing great meal delivery services. 

Make Meal Planning Less Of A Headache

At SportsGrub our main goals are delicious food, student health, and convenience for coaches and athletic directors. Even without touching on all the new hoops athletic directors need to jump through in order to make sure the sports season can happen; planning meals is a hassle to begin with. Finding a restaurant or caterer that all of your team likes is impossible, picking up the meals takes too much time, and even collecting orders can waste hours of your time each week. With SportsGrub orders can be placed just like with any other meal-delivery app. Students can use their phones to place orders, or athletic directors can contact us directly to modify anything. Meals are delivered right to you, whether you need them delivered to your school or the away team’s field. And with our great menu, there is truly something for everyone. 

Get SportsGrub This Season

If you are interested in getting SportsGrub meal delivery services for your team this season, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and get your account & first event setup! 

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