Introducing Sports Dietician: Tim DiLeo

At SportsGrub, there are a few core values we strive for. Our goal is to conveniently provide meals that are based on sports nutrition to student athletes. To that end, we are happy to announce a new member joining our team; Tim DiLeo. Tim has spent his career working with college athletes across the country to help them eat better and learn more about the important role nutrition plays in athletic performance. 

Sports Nutrition from Tim DiLeo

Throughout his career, Tim DiLeo has been focused on helping student-athletes tackle various aspects of sports nutrition. Having worked as an Assistant Sports Performance Dietician at the University of North Carolina, Director of Sports Nutrition at Baylor, and a Director of Football Sports Nutrition at the University of Colorado, he was the perfect fit for our team. 

He has helped hundreds of student-athletes learn more about the role nutrition plays in both recovery and performance. And he has helped those students apply sports nutrition findings to their own diets. Here at SportsGrub, we want to provide meals that are designed to help students at the high school and college-level perform better and recover better. 

Understanding both what to eat and when to eat is critical to athletic performance. Timing plays a large role in how our bodies perform during a workout, training, or game. Tim’s goal is to help SportsGrub continue to fine-tune our menu so that we can offer the best meal options for our student-athletes, coaches, and local teams.

Convenient Meal Ordering from SportsGrub

Having worked as a sports dietician with many colleges, Tim is acutely aware of how much work and time is spent on meal planning. Finding meal options for students that meet different tastes, accommodate dietary restrictions, and are nutritious has always been an obstacle. 

Athletic directors & coaches have a lot on their plates when managing a team. And planning meals can become a full-time job when you are trying to ensure that everyone on the team gets what they need. 

Here at SportsGrub, our goal is to make that process easier for you and your team. This is why we developed our online ordering app. By making ordering and delivery easier, you have more time to focus on what matters for your team. 

Learn More About SportsGrub

If you want to know how SportsGrub can help your team during this season, please contact us. We would love to discuss our menu, ordering system, deliveries, and more. And stay tuned for upcoming articles from Tim covering a variety of important topics related to sports nutrition.

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