Introducing Our App Developer: Eddy Ahmed

The goal of SportsGrub is two-fold: provide diverse & healthy meal options for students, and provide a convenient system for ordering meals that takes the pressure off coaches, athletic directors, and administrators. Behind that second goal is our App Developer, Eddy Ahmed, CEO & Founder of AppJel.

Eddy Ahmed's Experience in User Interfaces & Software Designed For Transactions

Eddy Ahmed has spent years developing highly efficient order processing systems designed for e-commerce, financial, and mobile applications. For over 25 years, he has worked with startups, financial institutions and government agencies to architect complex, secure and high availability infrastructures.

He has helped his clients manage transactions that amount to millions of dollars per day. Before starting his own business, Eddy lead the information technology team at Metavante Corporation (now Fidelity National Information Services, Inc) in maintaining high uptime standards, SLA’s and meeting multiple security and other financial-based audits along with managing multiple data centers across the US. 

The SportsGrub App: Combining Efficiency With A Familiar User Interface

After years working with some the largest technology companies Eddy founded his own business developing mobile applications for the hospitality, retail, and food service industries. These applications are designed to increase efficiency while also providing familiar user interfaces to make them simple to use. 

Because of Eddy’s experience, he was vital to creating the SportsGrub App. The goal behind our application is to provide coaches, student-athletes, and athletic directors with an app experience that is as seamless as possible. Through our app, students can choose from a variety of different meals, making it easier for teams to accommodate various dietary restrictions and tastes. Coaches and directors can also set limits and provide automated notifications to ensure that the entire team knows when to order. 

Set Up Your First Meal With SportsGrub

If you are looking for a healthy meal option for your students and an ordering system that makes it easier to feed your entire team without sacrificing quality, variety, or your budget, we would be happy to set up your first event with SportsGrub. Contact us for more information.

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