What Are The Best Catering Options For Summer Sports Camps?

It is time for summer which means that for many high school and college students it is time to focus on upcoming sports camps. Honing your skills outside of the regular season is extremely important to perform your best during the season. 

Here at SportsGrub, we provide catering options for the various camps that happen across Massachusetts. Our goal as a company is to cater exclusively to the needs of young athletes. Our entire menu is created specifically for camps and teams to ensure they meet participants’ nutrition goals and dietary restrictions, and provide a convenient way to get customized orders. 

Finding Nutritious Catering Options For Summer Sports Camps

One of the first questions any athlete or parent might ask about the food offered during a summer sports camp is “is it healthy”? This is probably one of the most important factors in choosing catering options. For other events and camps, nutrition might not be the top priority, but for dedicated athletes it has to be. Students at the high school and college level rely on their diets to ensure they are getting the right amounts of macro and micro nutrients while they train. Training at a summer camp likely means that students are burning a lot more calories than their peers. Their diet has to reflect this without sacrificing healthy options. Summer programs need to find meal catering options that can meet the caloric needs of their participants without sacrificing either flavor or nutrition. 

Overnight Sports Camp Catering Options That Meet Dietary Restrictions

Beyond the concerns of nutrition, many athletes and their parents ask about various diet restrictions. Whether due to allergies, personal beliefs, or preferences, camps need to provide food options that are flexible to a variety of diets. This is especially true for overnight camps. While participants at a day camp might be ok avoiding certain foods, it is not health for athletes to skip portions of multiple consecutive meals. Securing a catering option that provides variety is vital. One way we do this at SportsGrub is by providing camps with select menus where the participants order their own unique meals. By offering multiple options we provide nutritious meals that have dietary diversity. 

Contact SportsGrub for Overnight Camp Catering in Greater Boston

For teams and camps located in the Greater Boston area, we provide camp catering options so that students can get the exact meals they want throughout their camp. For more information please contact us.

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