How Can Schools Get Team Meals For Away Games

College teams and High School teams have a lot to consider every single season. For athletic directors and coaches, the work of managing a team of student-athletes can be seemingly endless. That is why SportsGrub has worked hard to provide a team meal solution for all of your home and away games throughout the season. 

Created by parents of student athletes, SportsGrub was made to answer the problem of how do you feed an entire team something healthy that everyone will enjoy and that meets everyone’s dietary needs. Our menu is designed from top to bottom with student atheletes in mind. Each meal is individually made, packaged, and delivered on-site to your away game, home game, or to your bus before you head out. 

The Challenge Of Team Meals On The Road

One of the bigger challenges for high school and college teams is finding meals while on the road. While it can be easy to find meals closer to home, your options can be quite limited while playing away games. Most of the affordable and readily available options are not nutritious and might not be what your team wants. 

This is why we provide meal delivery services. Our kitchen, located in Massachusetts makes individualized meals that can be sent straight to your game. Our menu has many options of great meals that meet different dietary needs and we are sure your team will love them. 

Online Order App For Athlete Meal Delivery

Another part of our ordering system that is designed to make things more convenient, is the SportsGrub app. With the app, students will be notified when to order, they can make their orders are their own, and athletic directors can set up any budget limits or pre-fixe menus that they would prefer to use. 

Contact SportsGrub For Meal Delivery For Athletes

This year, get your team food that they will love. For teams in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire we can provide meals for your home and away games, for a single game or for the full season. Contact us for more information.

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