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Planning meals for your school athletic department can be a challenge in a variety of ways. It is hard to find solutions that meet every student’s dietary needs, provide healthy & fresh food, and that can work for different types of events. Here at SportsGrub we aim to solve all of those issues and more. We provide meals that are used by many different teams at the same schools. For example, we can provide individually packaged meals for a soccer team’s away game, or we can provide delicious meals with multiple delivery times for an all-day track or swim meet. Whatever your team needs, we do our to best to provide. Here are a few ways SportsGrub can help your entire athletic department get healthy & delicious meals easier!

Team Meals For Away Games

We began using SportsGrub for the women's lacrosse team meals to try alternatives to expensive, unhealthy and labor intensive options. The team liked the many healthy options, ease of using a simple ordering app, and the team parents loved how Davis’ service took away the challenge of ordering, packing and transporting away meals. We loved that Sports Grub meals were all individually wrapped, labeled and brought to the bus in a cooler ready to go! The meals were healthy, tasty (loved the new pasta options) and very affordable. Davis was easy to work with, accommodating and even thoughtful enough to make a meal for the bus driver!! Looking forward to using SG again this coming season!
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Many collegiate and high school teams spend half their season going to other schools for games. This adds a distinct level of difficulty to feed your entire team. While it might be easy to trust a local restaurant for a home game, it might not be as easy to get access to good food that meets dietary needs when traveling. Away games already have an added level of complexity for a team’s logistics, so SportsGrub is here to make at least one part of the day simpler. With SportsGrub, students order their individual meals via an app before their game day and the meals are made and delivered either to the bus before it leaves or to the location of the away game. Learn more about team meals and the ordering process.

Meal Delivery For All-Day College Sporting Events

Another challenge for colleges is how to handle those all-day events like swim meets or track meets. For these events, SportsGrub can provide multiple meal-time deliveries so that different athletes can get their food at the perfect time during the day. We provide meals that are well-portioned so that students do not feel sluggish, but also feel fueled and ready to go when it is their turn. Students love the individually packaged meals especially when they can get a combination of a main entree like a wrap or bowl with a couple of sides like healthy trail mix that they can snack on during the day. 

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Get SportsGrub For Your School's Athletic Teams

If you are located in the Northeast and are looking for healthy food, that’s individualized for your students, and that is easy to order, we would be happy to help. We provide a great service that has been adopted by many teams, in fact, once one team at school starts using SportsGrub, we find that many other teams soon want to enjoy the same benefits of our ordering app and delivery services. If you are interested in SportsGrub for your team. Please contact us.