Team Meals For Those Challenging Away Games

I have been using SportsGrub to provide breakfast to the Saint Anselm College Women's Lacrosse Team for the past few years! We have loved our experience and Davis is always on time and providing great service with a smile on his face! SportsGrub allows my athletes to get a healthy balanced meal catered specifically to their dietary needs with the click of a button! Would highly recommend for any teams looking for a meal option when traveling!
Meghan S.
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One of the key benefits of SportsGrub is providing easy access to meal planning for those away games. A home game comes with home field advantage, which includes being able to source meals from local restaurants or maybe even athletes’ families. But when the team is driving across the state for a game, there are a lot of unknowns to deal with. One issue we had noticed was that coaches and parents often felt trapped between sourcing meals from unhealthy fast food chains on the road or dealing with the logistical nightmare of getting meals made in advance. Here at SportsGrub we have been happy to work with the Saint Anselm College Women’s Lacrosse Team to help them get individually packaged meals that are not only delivered directly to them on their game day but are also very easy to order through our mobile app for students and coaches.

Flexible Meal Ordering & Delivery

Another benefit of SportsGrub is that we understand the need for flexibility. It is just as important to us that our meals are delicious and healthy as it is that they meet the dietary needs for every player on your team. Additionally, we want to make sure you are getting the meals exactly when you need them. With the Tufts Women’s Soccer team we coordinating pick-up times before they left in the morning for games, because this is what worked best for them. We are happy to provide a service that allows coaches, parents, and athletes to handle everything remotely. In our modern world, many of us are finding digital solutions that allow us to manage from a distance. With our application, administrators can see who has ordered and who hasn’t before placing the final order, making it easy to know which players or parents to contact before a game. 

The 2021 Tufts WSOC season was a unique experience. Catering and food / meal planning for the team was challenging. Given that many of the COVID policies were still in place at the start of the season and were then very fluid during the season, catering for the team was going to be a challenge. Thank goodness for Sportsgrub and Davis. Their platform and capabilities saved the away game season. The service provides great meals, easy to coordinate drop off and pick up with the team ahead of away game departures, and excellent customer service. The players and coaches appreciated the app to individually order their pre game and post game meals. The options were solid and all players were able to find options no matter their dietary restrictions. I will also say that for a parent to manage the catering from over 2,000 miles away was made SOOOO much easier with the Sportsgrub App.
John W.
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Meal Delivery Service For All-Day Events like Swim Meets

For our 2022 NEISDA Swimming and Diving Championships we decided to give SportsGrub a try. Three days we had our food delivered to the pool towards the end of our morning sessions for lunch. Our athletes ordered the meals they wanted and I knew they were getting something that would fuel them for their evening sessions. Meals arrived as asked and the athletes had individual boxes and could eat when it best suited them. The portion size was perfect, everything was fresh, lots of choices, and yummy; we could not as for more. I shared my experience with other colleagues who in also gave SportsGrub a try and again terrific service all around.
Jennifer C.
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A swim or track meet presents a unique challenge for meal planning. Not only do you need to provide healthy, well-portioned meals, but the meals have to be filling, so that students have the energy they need all day. The goal of our menu is to provide meals that are portioned with healthy and fresh ingredients, so that students have the right amount of food, and the right types of food. Students for the NEISDA Swimming & Diving Championships were able to eat their meals when it best suited them so that they had the energy to perform without having to worry about feeling full or cramping while swimming/diving. And of course, we were thrilled when more teams reached out to us after this event.

Get SportsGrub For Your School's Athletic Teams

Ready to try SportsGrub? Want to know more? If you are interested in getting SportsGrub meals for your team or upcoming athletic event in the New England area, give us a call. We would be happy to discuss ordering, our application, and more!