Why Get Meal Kits For Your Athletic Event or Camp?

Sourcing meals for an athletic event can be difficult. During the off-season many camps spring up to help encourage student athletes at all levels practice and hone their skills. Finding food for this event can involve a few key obstacles. Unlike other events, for many parents and their student athletes there is an extra emphasis on providing meals that not only meet a variety of different dietary restrictions and preferences but that are also healthy and provide a variety of meal options. Here at SportsGrub we provide meal kits that are individualized, ordered through our easy-to-use app, and that take the extra work out of planning meals for your students. In this article, we will cover the benefit of individually packaged meals for your events.

The Challenge Of Finding The Right Meals For Student Athletes

Whether it is the home game, the away game, or the camp, there are many challenges to finding the right meal for students athletes. There are a variety of challenges to consider from sourcing food that fits within your budget to handling different dietary restrictions. For camps especially there can be increased challenges for finding the right catering company for your event. With a team, the coaches, athletic directors, and parents are familiar with the team needs and from week to week and season to season they can find food options that work best for their team. But for a camp or other event you are likely seeing different participants each time that might have different preferences or restrictions. 

SportsGrub exists to help with sporting events and gameday meals in the Northeast. From the start our goal has been to eliminate as many obstacles as possible. One big way we do that is by providing a menu of food that is filling, delicious, and healthy. On top of that, we make sure that our food has variety and that each participant can pick exactly what they want for their meal. 

How the SportsGrub App Makes Ordering Meals For Camps Easier

With the SportsGrub app, any camp or team can create an event in our app that allows all participants to place orders from their phone or another device. Instead of having to hassle students and their parents to provide orders to your staff, you can simply send our instructions to your participants. Of course, if anyone needs assistance ordering, or you prefer to send a full order directly to us, we can accommodate it. But we find that for most young athletes, ordering through an app is second nature and is easier both for the participants and for the event administrators. Ordering through the SportsGrub app can make it easier for your guests to get exactly what they want and to get individualized meals while also decreasing the risks of miscommunication between parties.

Get SportsGrub For Your Athletic Camp Or Event

If you run any camps or athletic events in the Massachusetts area, we would be happy to cater it. We provide many different menu and ordering options that allow you to set prices, have campers select from specific packages, and more. If you would like to get started with SportsGrub please contact us and a mebe of our team will help.