How To Fuel Your Kids At Summer Sports Camps

It is May! Which means summer is just around the corner! Here at SportsGrub, we are excited for the off-season for student-athletes. Students can use summer break for a lot of things from vacations, and hanging out with their friends, to using the additional free time to improve their skills on the field. For student-athletes, a break from class doesn’t mean a break from practice. All over the northeast, there will be camps where students can stay in shape, work on their fundamentals, and hone their skills before next season. If you have student-athletes at home, we wanted to provide a quick nutritional guide regarding practicing, so whether your kids are heading to a camp or just practicing in the backyard you want to make sure they have what they need.

First And Foremost: Hydration

Summer comes with increased temperatures. At increased temperatures, we sweat a lot more than we might during fall or winter practice sessions. Our body’s need to keep cool means it will go through the water much faster. First and foremost, make sure water is available and make sure to know the symptoms of heat exhaustion. A common mistake made by athletes of all ages is not respecting the weather and the heat. If you are used to performing at a certain caliber, you might push yourself to that performance level without noticing that you are getting tired quickly. For example, many runners struggle with running slower in hot temperatures, but it is completely normal. If you can run a certain time for a 5k but you run an on exceptionally hot day you shouldn’t push yourself to go to your personal best time. Be aware of limitations and the role the weather plays in outdoor practice. 

Another thing to consider is that sweat isn’t just water. You will also lose sodium in sweat. Drinks with electrolytes like Gatorade are often recommended to help replenish what you lose while you sweat. That said, some athletes avoid these drinks because they are high in sugar. 

What To Eat During Summer Training

If your kids are going to a camp make sure to check what food will be available for them. Some camps require parents to provide their kids with their own lunches. If that is the case, consider healthy food options that will keep them fueled the entire day. Healthy, fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables can be filling without making someone feel bloated or tired. For example, a caesar salad wrap is a great way to get the protein, carbs, and fresh veggies you need. If the camp provides food, make sure the food is what your kids need, both nutritionally and for their dietary preferences. 

Meal Catering For Sports Camps in Massachusetts

SportsGrub provides meal catering services for camps during the summer in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and the northeast. We provide a diverse menu of healthy options and catering options for student-athletes.