How To Help Your Student Athletes Get Ready For Fall Sports

It might not feel like it. But the end of the summer is close at hand. And for parents of high school students and college students that play fall sports like soccer, now is the perfect time to help them readjust training, diet, and scheduling so they are ready for the full schedule. One of the biggest issues student athletes have is going from 0 to 100 from having a lot of free time in the summer to suddenly balancing practice, games, and schoolwork. Learn more about helping student athletes with that transition, and learn how SportsGrub can help source healthy meals for game days in the fall!

Preventing Early Season Injuries With Stretching & Mobility

One of the most difficult things for athletes, especially student athletes, to grasp is the concept of a slow ramp up into athletic activity. Odds are, the athletic level students will be performing at in September will be higher than what they were doing in July and August. A common issue that can come from this is pulled muscles and sprains due to lost flexibility. Even athletes that keep up with physical activity during the offseason can see issues when ramping back up to their mid-season practice schedule. Some of the most important exercises you can do towards the end of the summer season are cardio, endurance, and flexibility training. 

It is important that students are aware that they might not be at the same level they ended the season on at the first day of practice. It is important to take those warm-up practices slow. The last thing anyone wants is an injury before the first game of the season. But one thing students can do to prepare is to working on their endurance to make sure they have the energy for those first few weeks of practice as well as work on flexibility and mobility. That said, July and August often have the highest temperatures of the summer. it is important to make sure kids are either training indoors using cardio equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes, or staying hydrated and going a little slower than they might be used to, to prevent issues with overheating. 

Getting Them Back On Schedule

One of the best parts of a summer break is the freedom from daily schedules. Waking up, getting ready, going to school, and balancing practice and schoolwork can be difficult. But one thing many athletes struggle with, especially in late high school and college is going from having complete schedule freedom to a suddenly restrictive schedule. If your students have any leftover summer schoolwork, or if their coach recommended an offseason workout plan, it can help to use those as opportunities to create light daily schedules. This can make the transition back into a full schedule less jarring. 

Nutrition Goals For The End Of Summer

Summer is all about freedom, and that can often be found on our plates as well. Burgers, ice cream, and other delicious meals can be enticing when we aren’t on the field everyday. But like with scheduling, it is important to avoid large, sudden changes. Quick changes in diet or exercise can e difficult to adjust to. Make sure your son or daughter is eating closer to how they will eat during their athletic season towards the end of the summer. 

Meal Catering For Sports Camps in Massachusetts

Speaking of sports nutrition, SportsGrub works with colleges and high schools in Massachusetts to provide delicious meals for athletic teams. We believe in combining nutrition and convenience to make it easier for students and coaches to source healthy meals every game day. Click below to learn more.