Summer Athletic Tips For Student Athletes

Summer break can be a great time for student-athletes to take some much-needed breaks from both sports and scholastics. But that break is short-lived. One of the biggest issues student-athletes can have is going from an empty schedule back to school. That is why it is important for student-athletes to continue their workout and training even during the summer. That way there is less of an adjustment when returning to school and the field and less risk of injury. In this article we will discuss some tips for summer athletic training.

Keep A Consistent Schedule

This is easier said than done, but the benefits are there. One of the most important parts of being a student-athlete is the consistency. During the school year, athletes have class, practice, games, homework, tests. etc. It is important to keep a semblance of a schedule during the off-season. On a daily level, it is important for athletes to keep their morning wake up time and bed time consistent. If sleep schedules get out of control during the summer, it is important to start making adjustments one hour at a time. That way students won’t be groggy for early morning exercise or for their classes. It can be easy to fall in the temptation of sleeping in during the summer or skipping exercise, because you no longer have official start times to the day or games on the horizon. But helping your kids keep a consistent schedule will help them prepare for early fall. 

Hydrate During Workouts

Overheating is a big issue during the summer. If your child is working outside they need to plan for the heat. Heat has pros and cons. On the one hand, good weather can make it easier to get outside, stay outside, and can make warming up easier. On the other side, extreme heat can be difficult and even dangerous to workout in. Some kids struggle with the need to push themselves. If there is an expectation on how fast they can run or what they are used to when it comes to workouts, they might be disheartened when summer sun means running a little slower, taking more breaks, and rehydrating. But it is vital for both health and performance that students understand the importance of decreasing output based on outdoor conditions. When possible, try to find ways to workout indoors in air conditioned environments. 

Eat Right During The Summer

Look, we all want to eat some fast food, Fourth of July BBQs and other delicious meals during the summer, and a little cheating here and there isn’t going to hurt too much and can be healthy. But when a different diet becomes consistent for an athlete, it can be hard to transition back. Eating healthy meals that meet your goals for macro and micro nutrients is vital to health and performance. Athletic performance is just as much about what you eat and drink as it is about training. So while a couple more meals at a restaurant are fine, it is important to encourage healthy eating during the summer.

Healthy Meals Delivered in Massachusetts

SportsGrub was founded on the principle that it should be easier for parents, coaches, and athletic directors to source healthy meals for students. Our founder had an issue when they were a parent that providing healthy food for the whole team was extremely difficult. It was often easier, especially for road games, to just get fast food or something on the road that wasn’t made with sports nutrition in mind. That is where SportsGrub comes in. We provide healthy and delicious meals for teams for their home and away games.