What Are Some Great Ideas For Sports Team Meals?

Whether your children are playing little league in elementary school or playing varsity sports in high school, one of the big things to consider is how to keep your kids fed. Eating before a game, after a game, or during an all-day event like a swim meet, is extremely important for health. But to that point, it is important to balance a few key factors. The nutritional value of the food, the portion sizes, and the variety and flavor of the food are all very important to athletes. Read on to learn more about sports nutrition and ideas for how to feed athletes during the season. And if you live in Massachusetts, contact SportsGrub to learn more about our meals for away games for high school and college teams.

Nutritional Meal Ideas For Sports Teams

Athletes need to consider how the food they eat will affect them. Sports nutritionists often focus on a few things when discussing the nutritional value of the food we eat. For example, the macro and micro nutrients. It is important to consider foods that are high in protein and low in fats. It is also important to consider how micro nutrients like sugar and sodium can impact our day-of performance. Caffeine and sodium can both lead to dehydration. 

Another element to consider is the portion of food you are eating. Skipping a meal before you practice or play a game can be very unhealthy and lead to distracting hunger during the game. But overeating beforehand can make you feel lethargic. Before a game you want to eat something light but filling. Some great examples include: 

Fruit Smoothies: Made with greek yogurt and fresh fruit, a fruit smoothie is a great breakfast option. Not only do fruit and yogurt provide healthy nutrients, but many students love the taste of a great smoothie. They are also relatively light, making it a perfect early morning meal before a game. 

Wraps, Bowls, & Sandwiches: A simple wrap or sandwich is a great meal especially for longer game days. If your student is at a swim meet or track meet a wrap or a sandwich is a great healthy option. A bowl is also great for an athlete that might be looking to limit carbs or for anyone with a gluten intolerance. 

Trail Mix: Another great option for students is individual bags of trail mix. Salted nuts mixed with dried fruit is a quick and easy option for people to eat during breaks when they are off the field. Nuts are high in protein, and during a game replenishing sodium can actually be helpful since your body loses sodium when it sweats. 

How To Source Meals For A Student Sports Team

One of the most complicated issues with feeding a team is sourcing the meals. This is especially true for away games. The pressure often shifts to the parents or the athletic director to find a quick/cheap option on the road like fast food, or to stay up all night or get up early enough in the morning to prep something for the team. One great option is to work with a team like SportsGrub. Seeing the common issues with ordering food for teams, we invented our company to help teams. We deliver individually packaged meals to your bus in the morning so your students can eat on the road. We provide a healthy variety of options so everyone can enjoy meals throughout the season! 

Choose SportsGrub For Away Game Meals

If you are in the Massachusetts or New Hampshire area and need delicious meals for your students, give us a call. We would be happy to discuss our menu of healthy food options for swim meets, track meets, soccer games, and more.