Sports Nutrition Advice For Runners

Running is one of the most intense sports for high school and college students. Fueling for a run requires you to consider your diet for a full 24 hours before the race, and to consider what will be the best choices for during the race and after the race. Because running is a true endurance sports, it is important to understand what items are going to provide the fuel your body needs to burn calories at such a consistent rate for a long period of unbroken time. Here at SportsGrub we help feed high school and college athletes before their athletic events throughout Massachusetts.

What Should You Eat Before a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or Longer Run

What Should You Eat The Night Before A Run

If you have a long race coming up you need to start thinking about what you are putting in your body far in advance. If you are running a shorter race, you might not need to overthink your pre-run dinner. But for longer races, you are going to want to eat extra calories and focus on carbohydrates. Many runners reach for whole wheat spaghetti, or other grains that are rich in carbs. Those extra carbs will help you stay fueled and focused after you pass the 60 minute mark of your run. 

What Shouldn't You Eat Before a Run

Quick rule of thumb, don’t try anything new before a run. A race is not the day to try new running gear, new running shoes, or any new foods or substantial changes in your diet. Whatever you have been eating during training should give you a pretty good benchmark for how you feel when you run. For example, if you have ever noticed that dairy makes it difficult to run, you will want to avoid it before your race. Or if you know that spicy foods are a no-go, you should carry that knowledge into your run. 

Sports Nutrition for High School & College Cross Country Teams in Massachusetts

SportsGrub is a meal providing team for high school and college teams throughout Massachusetts. If you are interested in eating a delicious meal before your run, or during a track meet, we would be happy to help. Contact us for more information.