What Is The Best Way To Hydrate Before A Game?

Hydration is one of the most important things to consider when working out or playing a sport. Our bodies require water to function and most athletes will notice dehydration well before they notice issues with food and fuel. Here at SportsGrub we provide game day meals for student athletes at both the college and high school levels throughout Massachusetts. Our team delivers meals and beverages for students to enjoy before their home or away game. For more information, contact us. Read on to learn more about staying hydrated.

Avoid Coffee and Caffeine Before Gameday

We’ve all been there, the morning before a race or a long bus ride to that away game. Our bodies are tired, and depending on when we went to sleep, we might not feel ready for a game. Instinctively, we might think that what we really need is a quick cup of coffee or caffeine to get the brain going. But it should be avoided. Caffeine is a diuretic which dehydrates the body. The best choice is a cup of cold water and some light warm up exercises and stretches to help transition into the day. 

How Much Water Should You Drink Before You Play A Sport

Every body is different. But when it comes to water it is pretty standard that we could all benefit from having some water right before we start exercising. Generally speaking, having around 20 fluid ounces of water 2-3 hours before you exercise and again before you exercise is a good call. Getting water into your system early in the morning and right before you work out can help prevent the feeling of dehydration right as you start to break a sweat. Once you have water in your system, you should remain aware of how your body feels. If you feel thirsty as you run or exercise, you should consider taking a break to get a drink. Many runners bring a water bottle with them as they run or races will provide water stations at marked points on the track. It is important to stay hydrated. 

Are Sports Drinks Healthy For Athletes?

This is a topic that sees a decent amount of contention. On the one hand, sports drinks were often invented to help athletes not only get and stay hydrated but replace important nutrients as well as provide salt that can help hold water. On the other hand, many sports drinks are high in sugar, and aren’t always the most healthy thing to reach for. Different nutritionists provide different view points. The important thing to consider is how you feel. If a sports drink in the middle of exercise helps keep you hydrated then it is usually a good call. Of course, some athletes prefer to have just water. 

Sports Nutrition for High School & College Cross Country Teams in Massachusetts

Our team provides meal deliver services for high school and college teams throughout Massachusetts. If you are interested in sports nutrition and would like to set up an order, please contact us.