Boston, MA

Don’t just play to win, plan to win

Boston and sports. Few things go together as well as Bostonians and our love of all things sports. Whether we are having our 4th duck boat parade in five years or watching all of our teams go to the playoffs in the same season, there is no denying that Boston is the city of champions. But aside from professional sports, we have strong college and club programs. So whether you are an athlete, a parent, referee, coach, or fan, you are spending a decent amount of your year at various sports events. One of the most important parts of a game, especially for the athletes, is having access to nutritional food.

Catering Solutions For Overnight Sports Camps in Boston Massachusetts

Even during the off-season athletes are constantly at work improving their fundamentals and staying at the top of their game. For high school and college athletes, this means going to various camps in their area to help give them the practice and training that they need. Here at SportsGrub, we provide overnight camp catering services that meet all of your team’s needs.

  • Nutrition: We believe the key to feeding athletes is providing delicious food that meets the caloric needs of your team without sacrificing healthy options. Our menu has many different healthy options that are well portioned.
  • Dietary Restrictions: Another important part of providing meals for a full camp is making sure that we can accommodate all potential dietary options. We want to make sure all of your participants have access to delicious meals that they will love. 
  • Flexible Ordering: We provide a variety of different menus and ordering options to make sure that your meals stay within your budget.
  • Convenient Ordering: With the SportsGrub app your campers can easily order food before the camp just as easily as they would with any popular food delivery app. 

For more information on this service please contact us via our contact form or give us a call to get started. 

Food Delivery For Sports Teams In Boston

If you belong to one of the hundreds of club teams around Greater Boston and want to improve your team meals, you should work with SportsGrub. The head of the team can set specific purchase limits in the app for all of their teammates and remind their team to order before the deadline. It is the perfect organizational tool for meal planning for your team’s next game.

Catering for Sports Tournaments, Camps & Other Sporting Events

If you are running a sporting event in Greater Boston, you need to make sure you have great catering. Our team at Sportsgrub doesn’t just make meals for athletes. We offer catering packages for tailgating families that want to grill before the game. Our catering menus come with hand-prepared foods that will impress your guests. If you are running a sports camp between seasons, our team will help cater it. Our catering includes breakfast lunch and dinner as well as meals for the coaches and staff. Contact us to learn more.

Want to learn more, or try out the app? Contact SportsGrub and we will help you set it up.