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One of the time periods we look forward to every year is the summer break season. For students it means a break from classes, but for student athletes this is a time period where they can continue to hone their athletic skills through different camps. In fact, sports camps run throughout the year, and athletes at all levels can practice, run drills, play scrimmages, and work on improving their fundamentals. 


Here at SportsGrub we provide meal catering and delivery services for athletic camps throughout the Massachusetts and New Hampshire area. Continue reading to learn more about our menu options, ordering options, and our mobile app that can make this process even easier for your camp attendees. 

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Get Delicious Food Delivered To Your Sports Camp in Massachusetts

SportsGrub was started by parents of student athletes who were trying to solve the age old problem. How do you feed an entire team of kids without sacrificing nutrition, budget, or convenience. What was created was a new system for ordering, where teams can get access to a variety of healthy meals that are made with fresh ingredients and can meet dietary restrictions. Our meals are individually packaged and brought directly to your event your students or campers can enjoy a healthy meal while they practice and play their sports. Best of all with the SportsGrub app campers can place orders in advance directly to our team, making it even easier for everyone involved.

Healthy Meals For Student Athletes & Athletic Camps

SportsGrub works with an athletic nutritionist who provides nutrition guides for college athletes to help students not only perform well on the field but live a healthy life off of it as well. Our menu is based on the importance of providing meals that don’t sacrifice nutritional value, taste, or variety. For camps we can create special package meals where students can create their own meals by choosing items from multiple lists (i.e. the main course, a snack, a beverage, etc). This helps manage budgets while also providing a variety of delicious options for your students. 

Some Of The Favorite Meals:

The SportsGrub Bowl

Our namesake comes with chicken, goat cheese, brown rice & grain mix, power greens, cucumber, carrot, red cabbage, & honey mustard vinaigrette

Chicken Caesar Wrap

This classic chicken caesar wrap comes with chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing.

Dude Ranch Sandwich

Lovers of BBQ chicken sandwiches love the Dude Ranch with BBQ chicken, pepper jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing

Buffalo Chicken Sub

This sub comes with sliced buffalo chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, blue cheese dressing

Caesar Salad

This salad staple comes with romaine lettuce, sliced parmesan cheese, croutons, caesar dressing and choice of chicken

Breakfast Options

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We offer many different bagels, spreads, granola bars etc.

How Our Sports Catering App Works For Athletic Camps In Three Steps:

Download Our App

First, download the "SportsGrub" app from the Apple store or Google Play. Create an account with your name & email.

Register For Your Camp

While setting up your SportsGrub Account you will be asked for to choose a "subscription". Select Your Camps

Place Your Order

You will be notified when it's time to order, when placing your order select "Lunch for X Date" all orders must be placed in advance.

Sports Camp Catering Options

We have a variety of options for camps. Our goal is to make this process as seamless as possible. In some situations, camps will request that we create fixed menus where students order a custom package. For example, a package might allow the student to order one entree, one snack, and one beverage. This can help camps that want to pay for the parents/students by controlling costs for what students order. After you contact SportsGrub we will create a “subscription” in our app, your attendants can download the app, select their event and choose from the limited menu. Alternatively, camps that have parents/students pay for their own meals may choose to let guests buy their own meals as they see fit. Whether you want a restrictive menu or an open menu, we would be happy to help you set it up. 

Athletic Camp Catering in Massachusetts

During the offseason, it is important that athletes stay in shape and stay on top of the fundamentals of their sports. Every summer, millions of students will attend a sports camp for soccer, football, or another sport. These camps are designed to help students hone their skills before they get back on the field. There are a variety of different camps that students may attend. There are day camps that students attend for a few hours per day. There are also camps where students will stay at the camp for the duration of the program. In both cases, SportsGrub is happy to provide our meals and catering services. Our founder came up with the idea for SportsGrub because he was a parent of student athletes. Our goal as a company is to make it affordable and convenient to get high-quality food that was designed with student-athletes in mind. For more information, visit our pages on team meals and take a look at our menu.

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Catering & Food Delivery For Massachusetts Athletes