Danvers, MA

Don’t just play to win, plan to win

Sports Gameday Catering in Danvers

SportsGrub often delivers to the Danvers area. Between the high school sports and the recreational leagues that exist in Danvers, there are many home games to cater to the area; both indoor and outside. At SportsGrub we believe that there are many factors that allow athletes to play their best game. Hydration, sleep, practice, and nutrition are a few of those factors. That is why SportsGrub provides meals based on nutrition research that are good for athletes without sacrificing flavor or portion size. All of our salads, wraps, and bowls come pre-packaged and are perfect for eating on the road to your game or before practice.

Food Delivery App for Athletes in Danvers

The SportsGrub app is designed to make meal planning easy for both coaches and athletes. Athletes can order snacks, beverages, and meals through the app and track their calories and nutritional information. Club leaders or team coaches can set spending limits to keep meals on budget. Students athletes love the convenience of ordering food via the app before gameday each week.

Rec League & Club Sport Catering in Danvers

Aside from providing meals for teams before the game, SportsGrub also provides meals for fans and families at the game. With our tailgate catering fans and families can have delicious food delivered to their next sporting event. Why not enjoy a delicious grilled meal at your next game with our tailgate catering options. We also cater sports tournaments with our signature dishes. The same great food we provide high school, college and club teams are offered to all participants in a tournament. You can’t go wrong with healthy and delicious food at a sporting event.

Sports Camp Catering

Just because it is the offseason, that doesn’t mean you should let practicing and nutrition slide. Every summer thousands of local athletes participate in sports camps to keep their skills sharp before the next season. If you or your child attend a sports camp, ask your director about getting SportsGrub catering. SportsGrub provides breakfast, lunch and dinner plans, as well as snacking options for athletes at camp. We also have a very popular smoothie bar option that helps athletes start their day with delicious fruit smoothies that give them the energy to perform at their best.

Interested in learning more? Download the app and Contact SportsGrub. We will be happy to help you get set up.