Get Meals Delivered To Your Sports Team in Beverly MA

Don’t just play to win, plan to win

Here at SportsGrub we want to make things easier and streamlined when it comes to sourcing meals for high school and college athletes. As former parents of athletes, we understood the struggle of getting healthy meals, that students love, that fit in the budget, and that are individualized to students’ dietary needs. This was made even harder when teams were on the road. Either parents and coaches would have to get up early to try and find a meal solution, or students would end up eating fast food on the road. This is why we created a SportsGrub. A meal ordering service that delivers healthy game-day meals throughout Massachusetts. 

Order Team Meals in the Beverly Area

Our team travels throughout Massachusetts to provide game-day meals throughout the area. Whether we are delivering it to your bus before you leave the school, or bringing meals for an all day event like a swim meet or track meet, we are happy to help. We frequently work with schools in the Beverly and Greater Boston area. If you are interested in learning more about our menu of healthy and delicious meals, please click below to see our menu. 

Sports Camp Catering in the Beverly Area

Our team also provides meal deliver services for sports camps throughout the Greater Boston area. During the off season it is very common for athletes to hone their skills and work on their fundamentals at a variety of camps. Our team provides delicious meal packages that students can choose from. We also offer a flexible ordering system. So if you need to set budget caps or want students to pick from pre-selected packages, we can make it work. 

Catering for Sports Tournaments, Camps & Other Sporting Events

SportsGrub also provides meal services for other athletic events. While our main service is working with colleges and high schools to help during the season, we are happy to discuss other sporting events in the area. If you are hosting a tournament, an all day sporting event, or a different athletic function, feel free to get in touch with our team for more information.