Don’t just play to win, plan to win

SportsGrub exists to help college and high school athletes with their sports season. We were created to help overcome a very persistent obstacle for many athletic teams: sourcing healthy meals for home and away game. A frequent issue we noticed for many teams was finding a meal that fit the budget, was loved by the entire team, could be individualized, was healthy, and was quick on the road. Road games are especially difficult for high school and college teams because you either have to sacrifice time in the morning to get/prep meals before you travel, or try and find something on the road which is often unhealthy, not cost effective, or both. That is why SportsGrub was created to make meal sourcing easier for teams.

Home & Away Team Meals For Brockton Massachusetts

The SportsGrub team delivers meals throughout Massachusetts for game days. We primarily work with colleges and high schools throughout the State including in the Brockton area. Students can easily use the SportsGrub app to place their order in advance. And with helpful reminders we can make sure every student gets their order in before the day. The meals are then delivered, individually packaged, to your bus. We even throw in extra meals for the bus driver and coaches. Students can then fuel up before the game. 

Our team also provides meals for all day athletic events like track meets and swim meets. If you need meals that can feed athletes throughout the day for a tournament or other event, please contact us. 

Catering Options For Sports Camps in Brockton

Our same great menu that we provide during the season is also available for the off-season. Our team provides delicious meals for camps throughout Massachusetts. If you are running a summer or winter sports camp and are looking for a great meal option for your participants we would be happy to help. Student athletes can each order their own meals, or we can do a pre-selected menu of meal kits that students can enjoy. 

Contact SportsGrub For Athletic Catering And Meals During The Season

SportsGrub is not a subscription service! You can use us for the whole season, a single game, or just the away games. Our team is happy to help support your team however you need it during the season. Whether you want to use our ordering app to get away from walking up and down the bus aisle with a pen and paper, or you want to submit your order via email, we are more than happy to accommodate your team. For more information about our ordering system please contact our team and get your first meal started.