Home/Away Game Catering in Revere, MA

Don’t just play to win, plan to win

SportsGrub has two main goals. Healthy meals. Convenient ordering. One of the big issues for student athletes is sourcing meals especially on the road for an away game. SportsGrub works with schools and universities throughout Massachusetts to provide healthy and delicious meals for students. Students can order easily by using our app, or an athletic director, parent or coach can provide the order manually. From there, our team delivers the meals to your team at the time and location that works best for you. 

Home & Away Game Catering In Revere

SportsGrub was started by the parents of athletes. One of the big issues they faced was sourcing healthy meals for high school and college students. Coaches, athletic directors, or parents would either have to make the food themselves, costing a lot of time, or food would have to be bought on the road, often from restaurants and fast food facilities that don’t consider the importance of healthy sports nutrition when planning their menus. Because of that, SportsGrub was created. Individually packaged meals are ordered via app or through bulk orders by teams, and those meals are then delivered to your bus before you head out. Healthy meals, ordered and delivered conveniently. 

Sports Camp Catering in Revere & Greater Boston

Even when the season is over, student-athletes aren’t done with their practice. Throughout Greater Boston there are a variety of athletic camps that allow students to hone their skills and work on their fundamentals. We work with these camps to provide the same great meal delivery service we provide during the season. Campers can order meals via the app. We can create individual budgets or easy to select meal kits where every camper can choose a main item, a side item, and beverage. For more information, please contact our team to get started. 

Catering for Sports Tournaments, Camps & Other Sporting Events

While our main goal is to work with colleges, high schools, and sports camps that work with student-athletes, we do on occasion work with recreational leagues and other teams. If you are part of a team sport, or have an event, where your competitors would enjoy some delicious and healthy meals, please feel free to reach out to us!