Lexington, MA

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Sports Team Catering in Lexington

Lexington is known for its contribution to the revolutionary war. And although the town still sees plenty of re-enactments and hosts a variety of museums and historical sites, Lexington has changed greatly in the last two hundred years. Lexington is home to more than 30,000 residents. Overall Lexington hosts many families which is why its school system is so highly ranked. Lexington schools have been recognized as top schools in Massachusetts for years. And of course, where there are schools, there are school sports. That is why SportsGrub is happy to support both Lexington teams and teams playing away games in Lexington with delicious and healthy food. SportsGrub food is designed for athletes and to promote good health, that keeps them playing their best until the final whistle.

SportsGrub Food Delievery App

The SportsGrub delivery app makes game day meals simple and convenient. Parents, coaches, and team captains no longer have to waste time cooking handmade meals for a full team of hungry athletes or buying unhealthy storebought snacks that leave athletes feeling sluggish. The entire SportsGrub menu is built around a healthy diet and of course, is designed to be delicious. All of our food is prepared in local Massachusetts kitchens and delivered straight to your game either before or after the game. With the app, athletes can track nutritional information while coaches and team captains can set spending limits. Teams love ordering and eating together before their games, as well as sharing their food and bonding over a team meal.

SportsGrub Catering for Recreation Leagues

Even if you aren’t a student-athlete, that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy playing sports and delicious foods. Treat your recreational team to tasty salads, wraps, and sandwiches at your next sports event. With SportsGrub you can even cater an entire tournament for both the athletes and the attendants. Interested in tournament catering, contact us using the contact form below to discuss it in greater detail.

Want to learn more, or try out the app. Contact SportsGrub and we will help you set it up.