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Food Delivery For Sports Teams In Lowell

Here at SportsGrub, we were founded by parents of student athletes for parents of student athletes. Our goal is two-fold: make ordering food for home and away games convenient, and make it healthy. With our mobile app, athletic teams can easily place orders from select menus of delicious food that is based on sports nutrition. From our kitchen in Woburn we provide individually packed meals that are delivered to your game whether it is home or away. If you are interested in trying our meal delivery services please contact us for more information/ 

Our Food Delivery App for High School Athletes in Lowell

Convenience is key to our meal delivery system. We know how hard it can be to find a meal provider that meets your students dietary needs, provides healthy food, and provides food your students will enjoy. On top of this, we know how difficult it is to find this food for an away game. That is why we love partnering with high school and college teams for their entire seasons. We will provide meals for home and away games that your student athletes are sure to love. 

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Sports Camp Catering Service in Lowell

Games aren’t the only place that we are happy to help with. Many athletes go to a sports camp between seasons to hone their skills and build their fundamentals. We provide catering services for these events so camps can provide healthy meals for their athletes throughout the camp. Using our app, athletes can order meals from pre-selected menus that allow for a lot of variety and customization. The meals will be made to order, packed, and delivered to your camp. 

Team Meals For Away Games in Lowell

On the road? Finding a meal that is healthy, affordable, meet dietary needs, and is tasty can be almost impossible. Part of why we created SportsGrub was because we had experience with the pain of choosing between finding meal sources that were healthy vs meal sources that were convenient. We provide meals that are healthy and convenient and can be ordered in advance so you can rest assured that they will be ready for your upcoming games. 


Want to learn more, or try out the app. Contact SportsGrub and we will help you get set up.