Meal Catering & Delivery For Lacrosse Games

We Provide Team Meals & Event Meal Catering For Lacrosse Teams In Massachusetts, Rhode Island, & New Hampshire

There are many challenges facing high school and college teams. The daily, weekly, and monthly logistics can be extremely complex for athletic directors, coaches, and parents. That is why SportsGrub aims to remove one of the biggest challenges: getting healthy and affordable meals to the students. 


SportsGrub provides individually packaged meals that are delivered directly to students’ home and away games. Whether used for the entire season or for a few select games, our team helps your team get the meals they need. We work with nutritionists to ensure that our menu provides a variety of tasty and healthy options for students so that they can play and practice at their best. If you would like to schedule SportsGrub for your game, please contact us to set up your first order.

What People Say About SportsGrub:

We began using SportsGrub for the women's lacrosse team meals to try alternatives to expensive, unhealthy and labor intensive options. The team liked the many healthy options, ease of using a simple ordering app, and the team parents loved how SportsGrub’s service took away the challenge of ordering, packing and transporting away meals. We loved that SportsGrub meals were all individually wrapped, labeled and brought to the bus in a cooler ready to go! The meals were healthy, tasty (loved the new pasta options) and very affordable. Davis was easy to work with, accommodating and even thoughtful enough to make a meal for the bus driver!! Looking forward to using SG again this coming season!
Pierce F.
5 Star Review On Google

Get Meals Delivered On The Road For Lacrosse Games in Massachusetts

One of the difficult parts of meal planning during the season is how to handle road games. While it might be a little easier to feed a whole team when the game is at home thanks to local restaurants or other local resources, a road game can be difficult. That is where SportsGrub comes in. We deliver throughout Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. So wherever your college or high school team plays, we can deliver your meals at that location or to the bus before it drives off. Your student athletes will love being able to eat healthy, well-portioned meals right before game time. 

Healthy Meals For Lacrosse Teams in Massachusetts

if your lacrosse team or other team is looking for healthy food with great options and variety, give us a call. We work hard to make sure students have access to meals made with fresh ingredients, that are portioned well, and that meet their dietary needs. We know that finding food sources that meet all of your students needs can be difficult, this is why we offer a diverse menu selection to make sure students can get exactly what they need. 

Get In Touch With The SportsGrub Team

Check Out The SportsGrub Menu For Athletic Events

If you want to learn more about our menu options or have questions about how ordering works, please contact us. Our menu is often changing and being updated, so we would be happy to answer any questions you have about our offerings. We also provide ordering options with restricted menus for events, camps, or game day. While some coaches and teams set budget limits and offer our full menu to students, other coaches prefer for students to order similar packages. For example, students might be asked to order one main item like a wrap or sandwich, one snack, and one beverage. Other teams might allow students to order what works best for them under a set budget. For more information on menus and ordering please view our menu or give us a call. 

How To Set Up A SportsGrub Event:

Download Our App

After confirming your event time/location with our team, you can have each of your athletes download the SportsGrub app on the Apple and GooglePlay Stores so that they can order their upcoming meal directly from the app.

Register For Your Event/Team

When a student downloads the SportsGrub app they can register for their event or team by scrolling through our list of teams and events. Once they have added their account to their team or to their upcoming event they will be notified when it is time to order.

Place Your Order

When it is time to order, ordering is simple. Students can select items from our menu including salads, wraps, subs, snacks and more. Athletic directors can work with our team to create budget caps or a pre-selected menu for students.

Ordering Options With SportsGrub

While many teams have greatly enjoyed the convenience of ordering through our app (especially teams that do multiple games with us over the course of our season), we understand that every team is unique. We have often worked with teams to find an ordering system that works best for them. If you have any questions about ordering food for your up-coming game, please let us know. 

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