Meal Delivery For Away Games For Teams in Kingston

Meals For Home & Away Games in Kingston Rhode Island

SportsGrub was created by parents of student-athletes to help solve a few common problems for high school and college teams. Namely, sourcing meals, especially for away games, was always difficult. Whether the responsibility fell on the athletic director, coach, or parents, it was always difficult to find healthy meal options, that provided a wide variety of meal options, and that were available throughout the season. Thus, SportsGrub was created. SportsGrub works with high school and college teams to provide delicious, individually packaged meal kits that are ready before your home or away or game. If you want to set up an event with SportsGrub contact our team for more information.

Meal Catering For Athletic Sports Camps in Kingston Rhode Island

Our goal is to provide healthy and delicious meals for student-athletes. Aside from catering game days with meals, we also work with many local camps throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. If you have an athletic event like a soccer or hockey camp that you would like food provided for, please contact our team. We have many different ordering systems and would be happy to work with your team to develop the best option that suits your needs. For example, we can set up a system where every participant has a spending cap and can order freely from our menu, or we can create pre-fixe meal packages they can choose from. Whatever you need, please contact our team to get started. 

Meals For Home & Away Games That Are Delivered To Where You Need Them

When you need food for a home game or away game, we can help. Students can submit their own orders individually before the game day, and then we will deliver the meals on-site either to your away game or to your bus. In fact, we can even provide meals for your coach and bus driver so everyone is included. Our goal is to provide delicious meals that meet a variety of tastes. Click below to browse through our menu! 

Convenient Meal Delivery For Kingston Athletes

Another goal for SportsGrub was to make the ordering experience more convenient and straightforward. An issue we had noticed in the past was that many coaches would have to walk up and down a bus with a pen and paper and try to take all of their team’s orders in real-time. With the SportsGrub app, coaches can create an event and students can place orders in the week leading up to their game. That way, every student gets exactly what they want, and there is less work for coaches, parents, and athletic directors.