Meal Delivery For Away Games For Teams in Portsmouth

Meals For Home & Away Games in Portsmouth New Hampshire

SportsGrub was invented by parents of student-athletes that wanted to solve many of the problems that high school and college teams face regarding sourcing meals. When getting food for a home or away game, a lot of the pressure falls on the athletic directors, coaches, and sometimes parents to find food options for the whole team. That is why we worked on creating a robust menu of healthy foods that are individually packaged and delivered to your students before they get on the bus for their away game. If you have questions about our services, or interested in trying them out, contact us for more information or to set up your first event with SportsGrub.

Meal Catering For Athletic Sports Camps in Portsmouth New Hampshire

Aside from providing meal catering services for athletic games, we also cater different camps. Every single year there are hundreds of camps in the area for different sports that allow students to hone their skills during the off season. We provide meal kits for these events. Students can order their own meals, or we can set up a pre-fixe system where students choose from select meal kits. Whatever works best for your event, we can help. Please contact us for more information. 

Meals For Home & Away Games That Are Delivered To Where You Need Them

A large goal of the SportsGrub menu is to provide a variety of healthy meal options for students. A common issue when traveling to an away game is imply going for fast food. Fast food is often not high in nutritional value and can even make student athletes feel sluggish when playing their sport. Healthy meals make it easier for students to stay on top of their game. Our entire menu is based on picking meals that students will love and providing healthy portions. 

Convenient Meal Delivery For Portsmouth Athletes

On top of providing delicious and healthy meals it is our goal to make the ordering system easier for our clients. On issue we had noticed in the past is that many coaches or athletic directors would struggle to get all the individual orders from their students. That is why we created the SportsGrub app. Through the app students can see upcoming events and make orders. It works similar to other ordering apps your students are already familiar with and you can also manually add any orders for students or other members of your team. For more information please contact us.