Needham, MA

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Food Delivery For Sports Teams In Needham

Needham is home to quite a few sports teams. Between the high school’s teams and recreational leagues we often deliver to the Needham area. The genesis of SportsGrub came from the founder’s desire to provide better food for his sons’ high school soccer teams. Whether you are the coach of a Needham soccer, lacrosse, basketball, or vollyball team or a team captain, SportsGrub meals make preparing for your next gameday easy. Our meals are all based off of recent nutrition research and are designed for athletes that want to play at the top of their game.

Our Food Delivery App for High School Athletes in Needham

Our app is designed to make meal planning as simple as possible. Student athletes get reminders through their phone to complete their order before the cut off, and through the app coaches and team captains can set price limits for all the players on their team. Athletes can also track their nutrition. We offer meals, snacks, and beverages that are perfect to eat on the bus before heading to an away game or right before a home game. Not only do we deliver to Needham, but we also deliver to the location of any of your away games.

Rec League & Club Sport Catering in Needham

SportsGrub isn’t just for students. If you run a recreational league or a club sport in the Needham area, you can get meals for your entire team. Nothing is better than finishing a game with a delicious salad or wrap that is both filling and good for you. Not only do we provide team meals for athletes on gameday, but we also provide catering for sports tournaments and tailgating. Why not, enjoy watching sports with delicious food or treat your next tournament with an amazing spread of catered food.

Sports Camp Catering in Needham

SportsGrub also provides catering for sports camps throughout Massachusetts. Whether you are an athlete or a parent of an athlete, you know the importance of practicing during the off season. Just as important as practicing is eating healthy meals. Don’t let the offseason make the pre-season harder than it should. With SportsGrub camp catering, you can feed your attendees breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even enjoy a smoothie bar.

Want to learn more, or try out the app. Contact SportsGrub and we will help you get set up.