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App Instructions

Download Our App

To set up your order for your camp, first download the SportsGrub App from the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play. You can find the app by searching for "SportsGrub" as one word. It's a free app on both platforms.

Create Your SportsGrub Account

Next, you will need to create an account. Simply enter your name & email address and create a password. When asked about "notifications" please answer "yes". When asked about "subscription" choose your event. (i.e. Soccer Masters Camp or Hockey Masters Camp with the correct location & date of your camp).

Place An Order

To place an order, tap the "menu" button. At the bottom of the app, make a selections of Bowls, Salads, Sandwiches, Snacks and Allergies. (No need to order a drink as we will have water for everyone). Continue to "place order" and when asked please select the correct date for your camp. Finally, confirm your order, and we will deliver it to your camp.