Student Athlete Meal Delivery Kits in Brookline

Don’t just play to win, plan to win

As part of Greater Boston, Brookline is home to many colleges, high schools, and other sports teams. Here at SportsGrub we are dedicated to providing nutritious meals conveniently to student athletes. We partner with schools, athletic directors, coaches, and parents to ensure that students have access to balanced meals that are designed to help them perform their best recover well after training, practice, and gamedays. We are a company that was founded by parents of athletes who wanted to create an easier way for teams to get their hands on healthy meals that were both nutritious and tasty.

Healthy Meals For Student Athletes

At the core of SportsGrub is our desire to provide a convenient meal solution that accommodates every diet while also being healthy. What we eat and when we eat it has a profound affect on how we perform and how our bodies recover after we workout. We want to help teach students the importance of eating balanced meals prior to working out, practicing a sport, and games. By providing a diverse menu we believe there is something for every taste. Our meals are individually packaged and delivered on-site at your game or practice. 

Convenient Meal Delivery For Brookline Athletes

A large goal when designing SportsGrub was to make things more convenient. Athletic directors and coaches have a lot on their plate. Finding healthy meals that don’t conflict with anyone’s dietary needs or allergies, can be a tall task. That is why we work to make it easier. Through our mobile app, students can easily place their orders for their upcoming events, and meals are delivered on-site. We want to be there for our teams throughout the season. And we believe that our process makes things easier for parents, students, and athletic staff. 

Catering Program For Sports Camps in Brookline

Even during the offseason student-athletes are often found practicing their sports. And where there are sports, there is SportsGrub. We partner with offseason camps to provide meal services and catering services for all of the student athletes. For more information on this service please contact us via our contact form or give us a call to get started.