Student Athlete Meal Delivery Kits in Cambridge

Don’t just play to win, plan to win

Cambridge is home to some of Massachusetts most prestigious universities and schools. You will often see teams of rowers paddling down the Charles river almost any day in the Spring. At SportsGrub, we help colleges, high schools, and recreational teams feed their athletes, with meal kits that are individually made & packaged, and delivered on-site. Our meals are healthier than stopping at a fast food place on the way to a game, and our ordering system is more convenient than trying to walking down a bus with pencil and notepad.

Healthy Meals For Student Athletes

At the core of SportsGrub is our committement to provide meals that don’t just taste greate, but are made with fresh ingredients with student-athletes in mind. SportsGrub was founded by parents of student athletes. We remember what it was like trying to feed a whole team. Either you are up all night trying to make healthy homemade meals or you are considering paying an expensive price to pick up food for the whole team at a random restaurant. With SportsGrub you have access to a full menu of delicious meals designed for atheltes. Meals are individually packaged, and ordering is as easy as using any of your favorite food apps. 

Convenient Meal Delivery For Cambridge Athletes

One of the core values of working with SportsGrub is the convenience of our meal delivery system. Athletic directors and coaches waste hours every week trying to figure out how to facilitate meals for their teams. Not only do you have to deal with finding food that all of your athletes will enjoy, and that meets any and all dietary concerns, but compiling orders is an extra headache. And having to pick up meals can be a real time-waster. That is where we come in. When you sign up with SportsGrub we can provide easy instructions for your team to order online and save yourself from all the hassle. Plus the meals are delivered on-site to you so no getting up early to pick up the meals before a morning game.

Catering Program For Sports Camps in Cambridge

During the offseason, your team still needs to train. We provide camp catering menus for various camps throughout Greater Boston and beyond. If you run a sports camp, we would love to discuss meal kit services. We can provide a few pre-fixed meals where all of your campers can easily select entrees, beverages, snacks, and other meal items at fixed prices. Your campers will love our delicious meals and you will love the hassle-free ordering system.