Meal Delivery For Away Games For Teams in Salem

Meals For Home & Away Games in Salem Massachusetts

SportsGrub was founded by parents of student athletes to fix one crucial difficulty for high school and college teams; sourcing healthy meals for students when on the road. We knew how difficult it was for parents, coaches, and athletic directors to provide meals that met students’ expectations, dietary needs, and provided nutritional value. On top of that, we know how much a hassle it could be arranging meals on game day or the night before, especially for road games. That is why we create the SportsGrub app, where teams could set up events and students could order personalized meal kits that were delivered to them when/where made the most sense. We work with teams in Salem and around the North Shore. Read below to learn more! 

Meal Catering For Athletic Sports Camps in Salem Massachusetts

SportsGrub doesn’t just provide meals for games, we also provide meals for athletic camps. Hundreds of camps happen throughout Massachusetts every year. Our team provides a great meal catering option with flexible menus. Just like with game day, students and participants are your camp can download the app and order in advance and have their very own personalized meal kit ready when they attend your camp. We allow you to pre-plan the menu as well, so students can customize and pick between different meal packages that are all at a standard price. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Meals For Home & Away Games That Are Delivered To Where You Need Them

One of the issues we strove to solve for parents, coaches, and athletic directors is sourcing meals for an away game. Oftentimes students weren’t getting meals when they needed them or were eating on healthy food on the road to a game that could make them feel sluggish or even sick while competing. We wanted to develop a menu of delicious but also healthy foods that met dietary requirements for every team. Click below to see our menu options or give us a call for more information. 

Convenient Meal Delivery For Salem Athletes

Another goal for our team was to provide meal delivery that made ordering and delivery more streamlined. Instead of pacing up and down a loud bus with pen and paper and taking orders and crossing them out, your students can order ahead of time using our easy to use app. In fact, many students prefer ordering on our app because of how it has a similar user experience to other food delivery apps they are already familiar with. Additionally, we deliver to where and when you need the food. We can meet you at your school before students board the bus or at your event for a swim meet or all day track meet.