Student Athlete Meal Delivery Kits in Stoneham

Meals For Home & Away Games in Stoneham Massachusetts

At SportsGrub we work with teams at the high school and college level to provide delicious meals for home and away games. Our team works in Stoneham and the surrounding towns to provide these healthy meals. Best of all, these meals are ordered via our app and delivered to your bus before you go to the away game or to any delivery location in our delivery area, making it easy to get your students their favorite meals on the road. No need for going up and down the bus with a pen and notepad or having to stop at a fast food driveway before the game. Our meals are healthy, individualized, and ready when you need them. Contact our team for more information or to set up your first event.

Catering Solutions For Overnight Sports Camps in Stoneham Massachusetts

Between the seasons, our team is still working to help support student athletes. Thousands of athletes attend a camp during the offseason to improve their skills, work on fundamentals, and continue to grow as athletes. We provide meal catering for sports camps throughout the Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire areas. We believe that with SportsGrub’s catering menu your participants can enjoy some great benefits including: 

  • Nutrition: Our menu is built on sports nutrition. We understand the importance of healthy food especially on a day where you are physically active. Provide the right portions and the right macro and micro nutrients is key to performing your best and recovering after a workout. 
  • Dietary Restrictions: One of the challenges of feeding a large group of people is dealing with different dietary restrictions. Our menu has many different options for your campers or team. 
  • Flexible Ordering: Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your campers to order. While the main ordering method we offer is our app, we also accept bulk ordering. 
  • Convenient Ordering: With the SportsGrub App, it is easy for everyone to get exactly what they need. Every meal is individualized to the campers. 

For more information on this service please contact us via our contact form or give us a call to get started. 

Healthy Meals For Student Athletes in Stoneham

One of the most important elements of sports nutrition is understanding nutritional value and portion size. We provide healthy meals that are made with fresh ingredients. Meals are individualized to your students which allows them to get exactly what they want. More importantly, this is a great alternative to unhealthy options on the road like fast food. One of the problems our team wanted to address is how often students are forced to either skip meals or eat unhealthy food on the way to a road game. 

Convenient Meal Delivery For Stoneham Athletes

Our goal as a company is to support your team. This includes convenient delivery options. Whether we are bringing meals to your school for a home game, delivering meals before your team gets on the bus, or providing another option, we are happy to help you get a delivery option that works best for your team. For more information, please contact SportsGrub.