Meal Catering & Delivery For Swim Meets

We Provide Team Meals & Event Meal Catering For Swim Meets In Massachusetts, Rhode Island, & New Hampshire

At SportsGrub we know how difficult it can be for a coach, athletic director, or  parent to make sure that students have access to healthy & delicious meals. On top of the million other things you have to figure out, finding a good source of meals that provide convenience, variety, and nutritional value is a tall task. That is why SportsGrub exists to solve each of these core issues. 


SportsGrub provides meal delivery for various sports events throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Students order their individually packaged meals via our app, and meals are delivered right to your home or away game. We are happy to partner with many teams throughout the region and provide meals for a variety of athletic events, including local swim meets. 

What People Say About SportsGrub:

For our 2022 NEISDA Swimming and Diving Championships we decided to give SportsGrub a try. We were pleasantly thrilled!!! For three days we had our food delivered to the pool towards the end of our morning sessions for lunch. Our athletes ordered the meals they wanted and I knew they were getting something that would fuel them for their evening sessions. Meals arrived as asked and the athletes had individual boxes and could eat when it best suited them. The portion size was perfect, everything was fresh, lots of choices, and yummy; we could not ask for more. I shared my experience with other colleagues who also gave SportsGrub a try and again terrific service all around.
Jennifer C.
5 Star Review On Google

Set Up Multiple Meal Times For Swim Meets

Swim meets are often an all-day long event. Compared to other team sports, it can be exceedingly difficult to plan meals for students since students will need to eat at different times during the event, and may even need multiple meals depending on the length of the event. With SportsGrub, students can get fresh, individually packaged meals that they can eat during the day. We work with a sports nutritionist to ensure that your students are getting meals that are perfectly portioned and designed to help them perform at their best. Not eating before or after an athletic event can cause serious problems for students, but overeating or eating unhealthy foods can make people feel sluggish. By providing healthy and nutritious foods, we can help your students excel throughout the day. 

Healthy Meals For Swim Teams in Massachusetts

An important part of feeding a team of athletes is providing meal variety. At SportsGrub, we know that your students will crave a variety of different meals. Additionally many students have dietary restrictions or dietary preferences. We provide a robust menu selection so that each student can get a meal they will enjoy and that they can eat throughout their swim meet. 

Get In Touch With The SportsGrub Team

Check Out The SportsGrub Menu For Athletic Events

If you are interested in learning more about our meal options for your swim meet or other event, please check out our menu. Our menu is often modified and altered to meet the exact needs of your meet, camp, or other event. If you have any questions about our menu, food options, dietary restrictions, or other specific questions, please give us a call or contact us using our inquiry form to discuss the SportsGrub menu, setting up your order, and more. 

How To Set Up A SportsGrub Event:

Download Our App

After confirming your event time/location with our team, you can have each of your athletes download the SportsGrub app on the Apple and GooglePlay Stores so that they can order their upcoming meal directly from the app.

Register For Your Event/Team

When a student downloads the SportsGrub app they can register for their event or team by scrolling through our list of teams and events. Once they have added their account to their team or to their upcoming event they will be notified when it is time to order.

Place Your Order

When it is time to order, ordering is simple. Students can select items from our menu including salads, wraps, subs, snacks and more. Athletic directors can work with our team to create budget caps or a pre-selected menu for students.

Ordering Options With SportsGrub

We understand that every school, team, and athlete is unique. That is why we work hard to make the ordering process as convenient and flexible as possible. While our app works great for many athletes and their teams, we also work with schools that prefer to send their orders to us via email or other methods. Whatever works best for your team, we would be happy to discuss your preferred ordering option with you. If you have questions about ordering with SportsGrub, please give us a call.

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