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Tailgate Meal Kits For Local Sporting Events

At SportsGrub, we are here to feed the teams, the coaches, the parents, and the fans. That’s why we provide our signature tailgate meals. These all inclusive kits cover everything you need to feed you and your friends while you watch the game. We like to consider these a sports-take on the concept of a one-step meal. We will provide you with utensils, sides, and the main dish and all you need to do is set it up and enjoy. Some of our meal kits options require some additional cooking or grilling. You and your friends will love snacking on our kits while you root for your team.

Get SportsGrub Catering Kits For High School & College Games

The SportsGrub team is dedicated to making meal planning simpler in the athletic industry. SportsGrub was started by parents of athletes that understand that there is often not enough time in the morning to prep for game day. This was especially true for away games. Often parents would have to choose between buying unhealthy food on the road for their kids, or staying up all night hand-making sandwiches. That is why SportsGrub makes healthy food that is delivered right to your students before they get on their bus, or at their venue. And we didn’t want to stop at just providing food for the team. Our catering kits mean that you can also enjoy delicious healthy food while watching your kids play. We provide meals for:

Race Events

Athletic Tournaments

Athletic Camps

High School, Prep School, College, and Club athletic programs

When we added catering kits to our services, our goal was to provide menus for the families and fans. We know that there is nothing better than enjoying a great meal while watching your kids excel at their sport. Hosting during an athletic event can be a logistical nightmare. Especially when your son or daughter is also on the team. Now you don’t have to worry about staying up the night before to prepare and cook a meal that will need to be reheated tomorrow. With our catering kits, you can still enjoy cooking for your friends and family, without all of the extra legwork. SportsGrub is proud to offer delicious kits at affordable prices. To set up an order and let us know how many people you plan to serve, any allergies or dietary restrictions we can accommodate, and any other questions you might have.

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Hot Options: Caribbean, Western Roundup, Burgers & Dogs, etc.

Cold Options: Deli platters, Salads & Desserts, Smoothie Bar

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