Team Meal Delivery Services in Groton, Massachusetts

Don’t just play to win, plan to win

We founded SportsGrub because we understood the difficulty that parents, athletic directors, or coaches had getting meals for their student-athletes. This was definitely the case when they were on the road. Often the choices were between finding something that was quick and cheap like fast food, and sacrificing nutritional value, or sacrificing time preparing food in the morning. Our solution was to create a menu where students could order food via our app and have the food delivered directly to the location of their game or their bus before they travel, making it easier for coaches to source healthy options for students.

Food Delivery For Sports Teams In Groton Massachusetts

If you are managing a team in the Groton area or you have away games in that area, we can help with food delivery. We provide delicious meals for sports teams including wraps, sandwiches, salad bowls, and a bunch of a snack options as well like trail mix. Best of all, all of our meals are designed around sports nutrition and portion sizing. Our meals are there to help feed athletes before events or during long-day events like swim meets or track meets. They are perfect for teams that are looking for quick, cost-effective, and healthy meals. 

Sports Camp Caterers In Groton MA

We also cater the off-season events like sports camps. We provide a variety of options including systems where campers can choose one main item, a snack, and a beverage as a mix-and-match pre-set meal. Many of the camps we work with set this up as part of the enrollment for the camp that ways students can eat as they practice and hone their skills. It works great for camps because the students are able to select their own individual meals that are made exactly how they want them, and the camp can set a preset on costs. 

Catering for Sports Tournaments, Camps & Other Sporting Events

Here at SportsGrub we work with a variety of other sporting events as well. While we primarily work with high school and college teams and sports camps, we can also provide catering for other events as well. If you are interested in sports catering for your sporting event, please give us a call or contact our team to get started.