Team Meal Delivery Services in Quincy, Massachusetts

Don’t just play to win, plan to win

SportsGrub was founded by parents of student-athletes that wanted to provide two key things: health meals & convenient ordering. We wanted to make it easier for parents, coaches, athletic directors, and others to order foods for home and away games. Often, a lot of pressure was put on finding and sourcing meals that met all of the students’ dietary needs, were convenient to order & pickup, were within budget, and were actually healthy. Our goal is to make that as convenient as possible by providing a robust menu of meals made especially for high school and college athletes, and by providing a great ordering and delivery experience.

Food Delivery For Sports Teams In Quincy Massachusetts

Our goal at SportsGrub is to provide healthy meals that can be delivered to your team before any home or away games. We have designed menu that meets a variety of dietary needs while also providing meals that are made with healthy ingredients. A big part of sports nutrition is understanding both portion-size as well as macro-nutrients. We designed our menu with the help of a sports nutritionist to ensure that students in high school and college would have access to healthy meals that will fuel them for their game day activities. For more information about our menu, please click below. If you have questions about our ordering process, please give us a call or contact us for more information. 

Sports Camp Catering Solutions in Quincy & Greater Boston

During the season, we like to be there for every home and away game providing delicious meals, but what about the offseason? Well, student-athletes don’t take a break, and neither do we. Many camps happen throughout the year to help students work on their fundamentals and improve their skills even when the season is over. We provide meal catering services to those camps in a few different ways. We can provide pick-and-choose meal kits, or individually set budgets for students, or simply overall catering. Our team works to be as flexible as possible to make it easier for camps to feed their campers. 

Catering for Sports Tournaments, Camps & Other Sporting Events

While our main goal here at SportsGrub is to work with student-athletes at the high school and college level, we also can help recreational sports teams with their games, tournaments, or other events. Our team can provide healthy meals for your competitors or teammates. For more information on this service, and setting up an order with SportsGrub, please contact our team!