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Team Meal Catering Service

When it comes to athletic performance, there are a few things every athlete needs to get right: sleep, diet, & exercise. For parents of student-athletes, coaches, and athletic directors, it can be a challenge to provide great meals for your team. SportsGrub was started by parents of athletes. We remember the challenge of choosing between unhealthy drive-thru meals on the way to a game or staying up all night to prepare meals for the entire team. 


That is why SportsGrub is proud to provide affordable, healthy, portioned meals to student-athletes in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Our primary service at SportsGrub™ is team meals. Our meals are individually packaged and delivered in thermally cooled boxes. We deliver meals on game day to fields, courts, and baseball diamonds.

How To Get SportsGrub Meal Delivery


SportsGrub is designed for athletic teams. Whether your team plays basketball, baseball, hockey, volleyball, or another sport, our meals are perfect for your team. Our menu is designed for meals that can be enjoyed before the game. We know that it can be difficult to get nutritious meals on the road, that’s why we will deliver to you whether you are playing home or away. And with our tailgate catering kits, fans can enjoy a delicious meal as well. We serve:

  • High School Teams
  • Prep School Teams
  • College & University Teams
  • Recreation Leagues

Get Started

You can order Sportsgrub in two different ways. Bulk orders or with our app. To bulk order, contact us and we will get down the details of your order. However, we highly recommend using the SportsGrub app. Your students already use apps for almost everything. Whether it is to order food from their favorite restaurants or to update social media, smartphones are a large part of student life. That’s why we created the SportsGrub app. With our app, students can pre-order meals and tailor-make their meal kit to get exactly what they would like. More importantly, our apps give a variety of features to athletic directors and coaches. This allows coaches to set budgets, reminders, and even create a fixed menu. To set up an app order, send us an online message, and we will set up your order so that your students can easily use the app.

Our App’s Features


  • Pre-Order Team Meals
  • Order & Pay In App
  • Create A Unique Team Menu
  • Set a Price Limit Per Athlete
  • Create Personal Nutrition Plans

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