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Tournament Catering Service

Our tournament catering service is the perfect hybrid of our Team Meals service and our Tailgate meal kit service. At SportsGrub we believe the key to any good sporting event is the food. Nutrition is very important for athletes and eating the right food and the right quantity of food has a profound impact on athletic performance. That is why we provide portioned healthy meals for student-athletes, so they can eat healthy before, during, or after their games.



Additionally, we provide catering services for fans and families in the stands. Parents and siblings are our students’ greatest cheerleaders, so providing them something good to eat was a no-brainer. For sports tournaments in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we provide hot and/or cold meal items for fans to enjoy as they watch the game. The SportsGrub™ Tournament catering services are the best way to go all out on your school or club’s next event.

How To Get Your Next Sporting Event Catered in Massachusetts

If you are interested in our tournament catering service, or you have another sporting event that you would like food delivered for, please reach out to us through our contact form. A member of our team will get back to you to get the specifics of your event. We will need the location, time, as well as meal preferences. Our meals are the perfect solution to catering a sporting event for all the participants with healthy portioned meals for the athletes and delicious tailgate meals for the fans.

SportsGrub Menu

At Sportsgrub we believe that you shouldn’t sacrifice nutrition for taste or taste for nutrition. We believe that balanced meals are at the core of sports nutrition. Our menu is versatile and designed for student-athletes and their families. These individually packaged meals are perfect for breakfast before a game, half-time, or after the game is done. When you eat is just as important as how much or what you eat. We all know what it feels like to exercise hungry or to exercise when we feel bloated. That is why our meal kits are perfectly portioned to give your team a boost while warming up for a game, and include snacks that are great to eat when sitting on the bench.

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