Woburn, MA

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SportsGrub Food Delivery to Woburn

Woburn is home to many families and student-athletes. So whether we are serving teams playing an away game in Woburn or serving the home team, we are happy to feed athletes with nutritious food. SportsGrub is based out of eastern Massachusetts, and we provide food deliveries throughout the state and into southern New Hampshire. Woburn is very close to our kitchens, so we often bring food throughout the soccer, basketball, and hockey seasons. Our goal is to help parents and students cut back from ordering unhealthy takeout or having to worry about late night or early morning meal prep. With SportsGrub you get the best of both worlds: healthy freshly made food that is delivered to you. We can deliver food either before or after games and can deliver food before your team gets on the road for an away game. There is nothing better than a full team of students sharing a meal while getting ready to play their best game on the road.

The SportsGrub App

Our app provides many benefits for students and coaches. For the captain, parent or coach that is paying, you can set price caps or create a select menu for your team. For the student-athletes, they can track their calories and nutrition and choose unique items from a large menu of options. Our meals are made with fresh ingredients at local kitchens. Teams love getting to share a meal together and the variety of meals that we offer. Throughout a season students can discover their favorite meals from our menu and make it part of their gameday tradition.

Team Meals for Club Sports in Woburn

Of course, our meals aren’t just for students. If you organize a rec league in Woburn, you can enjoy SportsGrub catering. Adult rec leagues can have meals catered for their team. Celebrate your victories with delicious salads, wraps, and sandwiches that not only taste great but won’t undo the calories you burned playing your sport. If you are looking for meal delivery for your recreational league contact our sales team to get more information.

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Want to learn more, or try out the app. Contact SportsGrub and we will help you set it up.