Worcester, MA

Don’t just play to win, plan to win

One of the areas we often to deliver to is Worcester. Between hockey, baseball, basketball, & soccer teams in Worcester, we spend a lot of time bringing our delicious food to the area. We work with high school, college, and club teams throughout Massachusetts to provide high quality and delicious meals throughout their seasons. We offer many different services to make sure everyone gets to enjoy healthy food from athletes to parents to coaches and even refs.

Gameday Food Delivery for Worcester Athletes

Whether you are playing at home or away, we can deliver your food to your team before you play. Coaches can set price limits over their entire team, and athletes can track their nutrition and calories through the app. All of our food is designed based on nutritional research so that athletes can play their best. We will bring food to your venue either before or after your game. Every coach knows that the best way to win on the field is to prepare before the game.

Tailgating Catering Catering For Worcester

SportsGrub also provides tailgate catering options. Even if you are not playing in the game, you still need to eat. Parent’s and fans can enjoy SportsGrub’s delicious food options with catered tailgating food. We provide a wide spread of tailgate options including pre-made grill options that you can throw on your Barbecue the day of. Contact a member of our team to learn more about our tailgating options before your next game.

Catering Program For Sports Camps in Worcester

During the offseason, sports camps provide athletes with the opportunity to practice key fundamentals. Whether you run a sports camp or your child attends one, have it catered professionally by SportsGrub. All our meals are based on nutritional research. We can provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner catering as well as other options including snacks and a smoothie bar. Whatever your athletes need, we can provide. Let us know about any allergies or special considerations, and we will make sure food is prepared to meet your needs.

If your Worcester based team needs food that not only tastes great but is great for them, let us be their official catering team. Make your meals a part of your gameday tradition. Give us a call at 978-561-9779 or contact us below.